On the ethical conduct of business organisations: A comparison between South African and polish business management students

  • Geoff Goldman University of Johannesburg
  • Maria Bounds University of Johannesburg
  • Piotr Bula Krakow School of Business
  • Janusz Fudalinski Krakow University of Economics


This study explores the opinions of Polish and South African management students regarding the ethical conduct exhibited by organisations specific to their respective home countries. Through the use of a survey, primary data were collected via a self-administered questionnaire. Non-probability sampling in the form of a quota sample was employed, and a target of 250 respondents was pursued at a South African and a Polish university respectively. The data were subjected to SPSS. The findings showed that students in South Africa and Poland have little faith in organisations perceived to be conducting business in an ethical fashion. Interesting similarities and differences in Polish and South African opinion were also identified.