The Sub-Sahara African survey of Business Ethics as field of teaching, training and research

  • G. J. Rossouw Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria
Keywords: Business Ethic, , Teaching, Training, Research, Sub-Saharan Africa


This article introduces the Global Survey of Business Ethics as field of Teaching, Training and Research. For the purpose of the survey the world was divided into nine regions that cover all countries of the world. This special edition of the African Journal of Business Ethics only focuses on the findings of the Global Survey in one of the nine world regions, viz., Sub-Saharan Africa. This introductory article provides an overview of the Sub-Sahara African region and the four sub-regions in which the 44 countries of Sub- Saharan Africa were divided for the purpose of this survey. A brief overview of existing literature that reflects on training, teaching and research in the field of Business Ethics in the Sub-Sahara African region is given, after which the research process and methods that were used in the survey are introduced. 


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