Corporate social responsibility reporting of banks operating in Ghana

  • Kwamena Minta Nyarku University of Ghana Business School
  • Robert Ebo Hinson University of Free State
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, banking industry, Ghana, reporting, annual reports, disclosures


This study seeks to track corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting of local and foreign banks in Ghana from 2010-2014 financial year ends. Employing a qualitative approach, data used were only annual reports sourced from selected banks’ websites. We found that all selected banks reported more external than internal disclosures. Concerning internal disclosures, only one foreign bank reported product and customer initiatives whiles one local and four foreign banks reported human resource initiatives. External disclosures reported uneven community involvement and environmental focus among the selected banks. Health, education, and sports development dominate CSR initiatives and disclosure in Ghana’s banking industry.

Author Biography

Kwamena Minta Nyarku, University of Ghana Business School
Department of Marketing and EntrepreneurshipPhD student


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